Friday, June 6, 2008

There Is A Rumor

There’s a rumor that started tonight
Three girls were drinking whiskey and talking about the
Harmful effects of the sun
Skin cancer
It kills
But the moon doesn’t burn.

But anyway, this rumor
It seems the new boy at school
Jeremy Fredrick
Isn’t all he appears.

He’s been spotted late at night
In the woods by the edge of town
Late in the midnight hours
When it is especially dark
The black sky heavy
The dead of night.

I wonder what he’s doing out there
Says a rather petite blonde.
Probably hooking up with some girl
Quips a sassy brunette
As she samples a strawberry lemonade cooler.
Pipes in the third
He stripes down naked.
I went out once
To spy
And I found his clothes in a pile
Beneath an oak tree.
He must have a dog of some kind
Because his clothes were covered
In hair.

A stony cry breaks the silence
Of a rather ominous night.
As if someone had
Chopped off
The tail of a mongrel.

What was that
The girls wonder
As they huddle close
for comfort.

The night tonight
Is not dark at all
It is in fact
In the light
Of the full yellow moon.

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Tyson said...

That is deadly.